Uzaicinājums motociklistiem piedalīties “Mustjõe‑Moto 2018″

Igaunijas motoklubs “Unic-Moto” aicina piedalīties klasisko motociklu salidojumā ”Mustjõe‑Moto 2018″, kas norisināsies no 6. – 8. jūlijam.


XXXI Vintage Motorcycle Rally

 Mustjõe Moto 2018 

6.-8.07.2018 Mustjõe Farm,

 Mustjõe village, Anija vald, Harjumaal 

59°17’35″N   25°30’38″E   -

All the members of Estonian Vintage Motorcycle Club “Unic-Moto” are welcome with their families as well as non-members with motorcycles 35 or more years old.


Friday, 06.07.2018

Starting  17:00 Registration

Dinner – Everyone brings their own snacks, meal, drinks, options to use grill /BBQ on site

Discussions, jam session by participants, dance, sauna… etc

Saturday, 07.07.2018

8:00-9:30 Breakfast (Mustjõe Farm)

9:30 Flag Hoisting ceremony, meeting, group photo

09:50 Preparations for Ride (NB, Daily distance ca 115 km, asphalt  and some gravel roads).

*In the evening there will be small quiz regarding visited places / locations!  

10:00 Ride to Tapa ca 38 km via Tapa-Lehtse-Jäneda road

11:00-12:30 Motorcycle exhibition in Tapal, Possibility to visit Tapa City Museum (800 m) and Steam Train near Tapa Train Satation

*Local “Stamp” Rally stamp collection point!

12:30-13:00 – Ride to Neeruti Landscape Reserve, ca 17 km

*In Neeruti there will be competion for fastest free rolling motorcycle (downhill with engine stopped).

13:00-13:30 – Ride from Neeruti to  Moe Spirit Factory, ca 17 km (via Jõepere – Vahakulmu Rd)

13:30-16:30 – Lunch and Moe Spirit Factory Museum with guide (Ticket 3,- per person), “Rinaldo ride / competition”

16:30-17:00 – Ride to  Ambla Church, visit to War monument, Ca 15 km

Ride back to Mustjõe campsite, via Käravete-Jäneda, Ca 28 km (Recommended to visit Jäneda Mansion)

18:30-20:00 Sauna, games etc

20:00-21:30 Dinner

21:30- Summary, Awarding Ceremony,

22:00 Dance with  beloved band “Apelsin” 

Sunday, 08.07.2018

8:30-10:00 Breakfast

10:00 Flag lowering Ceremony

Participation fee: € 60 / p. person,  EVMK Unic-Moto members and their family: € 30 / p. person,  Children under 12 years of age free of charge. Also Riders with motorcycle of 100 or more years old free of charge.

Registration on Unic-Moto website: (electronic form) additional info:

Fees are paid in cash on arrival.

Fees include:  breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, lunch on Saturday (on route), dinner on Saturday, group foto and Rally Number for driver, event program, Accommodation 2 nights (blankets, pillows, bedding included) or camping, sauna on Friday and Saturday night.

Accommodation: small chambers with double beds (some chambers with 1 double bed, some with 2), in addition Japanese dome hotel (Guest will be distributed by organizers acc to registration forms and information provided).

NB! There is no Bar at the Rally site, bring your own drinks and snacks etc.

NB! Organizers reserve the right to make changes to the event program or to the participation conditions.

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